Japanese Embroidery: Hiroko Ishii

I like the fact that embroidery is not anymore an old fashion hobby and that some innovations are made with this marvelous tool, sometimes as sophisticated as the ones of Michele Carragher for “Games of Thrones”.

In Dynamo, a cultural center of Zurich, you can find also some cool and funny daily embroidery courses like CREATIVE EMBROIDERY – WAFFLE EMBROIDERY.

But what I am very keen on is the contemporary Japanese embroidery! It is fresh and funny, cute and delicate. And amongst all, I am really fond of Hiroko Ishii’s embroidered drawings. She uses different technics and materials and she seems not to be afraid of mixing classic with modern.

book hiroko ishii


book hiroko ishii 2

Have a look to this minimalist and poetic website Cahier from Hiroko Ishii.


She is also the author of these incredible books, たのしい刺しゅうレッスン (“fun embroidery lessons”) or はじめての刺しゅうレッスン (“embrodery lessons for the first time”).

oop_hiroko_ishii_02_-_fun_embroidery_lesson_-_japanese_craft_book_eb9212e6If you want to buy her materials, you can easily find them in etsy.com on her name. Or you can just jump here in one of her fan’s website.

Hiroko Ishii as Cahier

Have a nice crafty Wednesday!



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