DaWanda Context DIY: Upcycling a Box

I am very thrilled for the context I am in for the  “DIY September: Upcycling Competition Entries” made by DaWanda, which is currently in FaceBook till Monday 29 September!

Click “I LIKE” to this link  MY EARRINGS HANGER BOX if you want to help me winning a 100euro voucher for DaWanda.

Processed with Moldiv

I’ll share with you what I ‘ve bought if I am so lucky to get it… J

Since my upcycled box creation is online, I’d like to share with you how I made it.

Processed with MoldivBasically I had a very nice box that I didn’t want to get rid of. And I gathered some sticks of woods that I took in Puerto Rico last winter. With a hammer and a spike I made some holes in the biggest stick. I then made a couple of holes even in the up sides of the box in order to insert the thin stick.

earrings7 earrings8 earrings9 earrings12 earrings13 earrings14 earrings15


And then I created a tiny earrings hunger box for my bedroom!

earrings2 earrings3I hope to win. But most of all, I am happy already of all the compliments I got from friends and family. :-)

Here again the link: An earring hanger made out of an old cardboard box, by Ale.




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