My Crochet Weekend

I love to see all this sparkling energy on the air, all this excitement for making things in order to make a stand on a Zurich Christmas market! Yesterday another friend agreed to participate, who will sell her jewelry for the first time! Hope to make the creative group grow… the invitation is still open to everybody who is into craft and want to have fun with us!

I am happy to see how creativity moves people and makes the daily life a bit lighter…

All along the weekend I was crocheting as a crazy and made my first wool pieces for the market. But my head is getting more and more full of ideas and I will write a list of to-do-things like Antje did. She is a pretty organized girl, indeed. ;)



xmas6I feel I am starting to discover crochet and all the shapes and mix you can do with it. It is kind of addictive.

And with the winter coming there is this kind of urgency in making wool things that I really like.

Happy start of the autumn!


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