Fresh Start

Antje and I met last weekend in Zurich for two days of craft and chats! It was the first serious (ah ah ah) “blog meeting” and we also made some craft experiments which didn’t end so well. J

But it was cool to have finally time to discuss, confront, and analyze our blog with more calm and time than normal.

We finally felt that something needed to be done for improving our blog. We both don’t have a lot of time in our daily lives but we enjoy a lot writing and making and we would like just to became more efficient.

We just did the restyling of the Blog, from pictures to about page, a new header and categories. But first of all we refreshed the name into “Craftosphere Explorers”. Do you like it?

We hope not to loose some of our followers with that change… Technically I am not very sure that you will still receive our posts. Hopefully.

Together with the restyling, we also have a project in mind. To make an appearance in a Zurich Christmas Market!
It is very exiting, thus very challenging for both of us to start to make some items to sell for real! Antje is very into Zurich handmade life and knows plenty of small crafty shops and markets. So I trow the ball to her now concerning the place to be for a Xmas market. J

Processed with MoldivWe are also trying to gather some friends (the more the better!), but we are also very open to have even some NEW entries in our creativity group! Would you like to join? It would be so much fun!


Have a fresh start too!



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