A New Project!

Today I read in a magazine where they said that the daily life is full of small big adventures: you just have to see them and give it a try. I’ve always believed so. When I feel frustrated or bored about the everyday life, I just try to get a new challenge. Sometimes the “new challenge” is just something very small, like call one person that I have been thinking for weeks, or months…

A new project is refreshing, mentally healthy, and make us understand that we have a lot of challenges still to make and that we often forget them, putting them on the last place of our inner priority list.

My little small new project of this Blog is to make a tiny online shop. I have been working lately with different material and made a small collection of handmade jewelry. Here a taste of it!


A new project takes energy and time. But I decided to make it small, because it is more likely to happen!

For the moment I just want to show some work I have done lately.

I have done also a lot of pictures and pieces and hope to add something more.

I hope soon to put it online for real.

till then,

happy crafty week!



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