Knitting on Trains

“Knitting on trains” is on of my favorite blogs and it was the topic of my week!

knit8I think my first “Christmas-Market Product” will be some knitted hair ribbons, for which I found instructions in an old Landlust magazine.

knit7This week I finished four prototypes and I plan to do some more during the next weeks. The blue ones will become adult ones and the pastel ones will be for kids. I plan to make them double sided and combine them with some nice soft fabric.

knit9Now, I am heading towards east London to find some more wool and some fabric. Since London is so big, it will probably take me more than an hour to get there, thus time for another ribbon.

Knitting on trains makes commuting crafty :-)



DaWanda Context DIY: Upcycling a Box

I am very thrilled for the context I am in for the  “DIY September: Upcycling Competition Entries” made by DaWanda, which is currently in FaceBook till Monday 29 September!

Click “I LIKE” to this link  MY EARRINGS HANGER BOX if you want to help me winning a 100euro voucher for DaWanda.

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I’ll share with you what I ‘ve bought if I am so lucky to get it… J

Since my upcycled box creation is online, I’d like to share with you how I made it.

Processed with MoldivBasically I had a very nice box that I didn’t want to get rid of. And I gathered some sticks of woods that I took in Puerto Rico last winter. With a hammer and a spike I made some holes in the biggest stick. I then made a couple of holes even in the up sides of the box in order to insert the thin stick.

earrings7 earrings8 earrings9 earrings12 earrings13 earrings14 earrings15


And then I created a tiny earrings hunger box for my bedroom!

earrings2 earrings3I hope to win. But most of all, I am happy already of all the compliments I got from friends and family. :-)

Here again the link: An earring hanger made out of an old cardboard box, by Ale.



My Crochet Weekend

I love to see all this sparkling energy on the air, all this excitement for making things in order to make a stand on a Zurich Christmas market! Yesterday another friend agreed to participate, who will sell her jewelry for the first time! Hope to make the creative group grow… the invitation is still open to everybody who is into craft and want to have fun with us!

I am happy to see how creativity moves people and makes the daily life a bit lighter…

All along the weekend I was crocheting as a crazy and made my first wool pieces for the market. But my head is getting more and more full of ideas and I will write a list of to-do-things like Antje did. She is a pretty organized girl, indeed. ;)



xmas6I feel I am starting to discover crochet and all the shapes and mix you can do with it. It is kind of addictive.

And with the winter coming there is this kind of urgency in making wool things that I really like.

Happy start of the autumn!


At Home with Ale!

I am back in London and full of enthusiasm for new blog design. Have you already seen our new ABOUT page? It was so good to see Ale in live!!! Her house is so filled with craftiness and the two of us in one room made living in craftosphere very real.


One morning we wandered around in Zurich and it struck me again how arty, hip and individual this city is. Compared to London, I appreciate its originality and authenticity.


Together we dropped by at some of my favorite shops (comepony, camaleon, uniqum and lilli-tulpan) and collected crafty ideas. Soaked with inspiration I feel ready now for a new season in craftosphere!

Fresh Start

Antje and I met last weekend in Zurich for two days of craft and chats! It was the first serious (ah ah ah) “blog meeting” and we also made some craft experiments which didn’t end so well. J

But it was cool to have finally time to discuss, confront, and analyze our blog with more calm and time than normal.

We finally felt that something needed to be done for improving our blog. We both don’t have a lot of time in our daily lives but we enjoy a lot writing and making and we would like just to became more efficient.

We just did the restyling of the Blog, from pictures to about page, a new header and categories. But first of all we refreshed the name into “Craftosphere Explorers”. Do you like it?

We hope not to loose some of our followers with that change… Technically I am not very sure that you will still receive our posts. Hopefully.

Together with the restyling, we also have a project in mind. To make an appearance in a Zurich Christmas Market!
It is very exiting, thus very challenging for both of us to start to make some items to sell for real! Antje is very into Zurich handmade life and knows plenty of small crafty shops and markets. So I trow the ball to her now concerning the place to be for a Xmas market. J

Processed with MoldivWe are also trying to gather some friends (the more the better!), but we are also very open to have even some NEW entries in our creativity group! Would you like to join? It would be so much fun!


Have a fresh start too!


DaWanda Shop: Aledoesthings

Hello happy crafty friends,

My small project is done! I finally have made my online shop!

It is called Ale does things.

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Here you can see the banner that I’ve just made for my tiny jewelry shop.

At this moment there are only 8 items, all handmade by me as you could see from the posts I have been making the all summer. I am pretty relief that I DID IT. I was thinking about it for so long, and now, despite the fact that maybe no one will buy anything … I am so proud I finally have made something like that I have been dreaming for! It is kind of therapeutic isn’t it?

Cheers for me! ;)

These are some pictures of my small collection:

2014-09-03 15.32.07 2014-09-03 15.32.16

I hope you can have a look on the Aledoesthings shop and give me also some advises!

I will really appreciate them.