DIY: Two Colors Geometrical Necklace

Not long time ago I was into Fimo and tried a lot of different technics and colors combinations. Here I explain how I made a triangle necklace in two colors with the simple use of the machine that my (100% Italian) grandma gave to me for making ravioli. J

Geometric Necklace

The idea was to make the mixed colors looked like a wave in the ocean… A beloved theme for our little family.

The technics is very simple: use two colors and make them as thin as you can. Then put them together with a little overlap of the two sides. Then make some waves on it and put all again in the machine: you will get some unexpected waves on it!

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

Then make two holes on the top for the rope or chain and put it on the oven as you always do with Fimo.

The game is done!

I hope you weekend will be sunny and funny as we’ll have. I feel the Summer still has to start… But it will do.




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