Stitching a Bib

Here I am!

Back from vacations in the Ocean side of France where the sun was always shining and the food and wine were delicious.

Then we went to the rainy Belgium to visit family and friends and sons of friends, thus new friends!

Traveling makes me inspired and talkative, but very very lazy for crafting. I’ve anyway found a little time to stitch a Bib for a new born little rounded sweet girl, Merel, which in Flemish means blackbird and in Italian it is called Merla. My birthday also happens to be in the “days of the blackbird” that for the Italian tradition means the coldest days of the year, in the end of January. I find this name very interesting. And I like the names with a little story to tell.

I always like the idea to get handmade presents but I am always a bit afraid to make them for others… Maybe because I am afraid they can look too cheap!

2014-08-16 15.11.26

I’ve tried to make the writing a bit irregular just to make it more fresh than a traditional stitched name.

2014-08-16 16.37.40I drew the blackbird as you can see… Also his irregularity gives a childish touch to it, isn’t it?

This is my little creation of the vacation. Hope to have something bigger next week. J

Sun on you.




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