Nail Art

Hello from London,

where I spend a wonderful weekend with friends… as you know from the post of Ale, this weekend was my birthday weekend and I am so fortunate that I could spent it in such good company. Friday  evening, we threw a Chinese/German Party and for the first time since I moved here ten month ago, I realy felt home in London, surrounded by old and new friends.

My old friends which came over from Zurich and Boston stayed till Saturday. We allowed our self a lazy start into the day on Saturday, just hanging out and having a big left over brunch… While strolling around bare feed, we noticed the little pieces of art at my Boston friends toes. It turned out she had done them her self. Even though she said she feels a bit embarrassed for it, nobody can deny she is an real nail artist :-)

Our Saturday brunch immediately turned into a nail-art-event and we all got excited creating our individual nail designs. Surprisingly even my boyfriend turned out to be a really talented nail painter :-)
Here you see our colorful forty toes (well in fact there are only 38, because my tiny toes are so tiny that one cannot color them :-)).

NAIL3Thanks Jule, Ye, Sicong and Andy for such a wonderful birthday weekend!


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