Unintentional Bridge Art

Hello from London!

This week I want to show you some street art that I pass by almost every day on my early morning runs. My route usually followes Thames river and to make it a loop, I usually cross two bridges. My absolute favorite Thames bridge is the Fulham railway bridge, even if it might appear unspectacular on the first view.


On the second view, you will discover a lot of art on this bridge… I think it has been painted and renovated a lot over the years. It looks like each time a little bit different color was used. The general theme is mint, but wow, there are so many mint nuances you can find at this bridge…

Basically every pole of this bridge has its own mint color code.


In the last days I walked a few times over the bridge to take photos. Thereby I found even more art by looking at the details.


Some people might think that it is annoying that the renovations of this bridge have apparently been carry out very careless. But I think some exception piece of “unintentional bridge art” has been created.

Have a nice week and tell us if you also found some “unintentional street art” close to where you live.

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