Mind the gap

Hi from London, aehhh Aarhus, aehhh Zurich…

Well actually I am all over the place these days, which is why I did not make it last week for a post. Today, I was even soo lucky to travel in an airplane cockpit. So exciting :-)

I am afraid also next weekend you will have to life without greetings from London, since middle of the week, I will disappear to the Swiss mountains for a few days without any Internet connection. Thus,…
However, this post is to hint you to our new ABOUT page. The text is already new and some new pictures and paintings will follow. Actually, Ale and me will see each other in a few days and then work on a little makeover of the whole appearance of our blog. And also as soon as I am back in London, you will hear more from my little street art project I am working on…


Thus, stay tuned!


DIY: Two Colors Geometrical Necklace

Not long time ago I was into Fimo and tried a lot of different technics and colors combinations. Here I explain how I made a triangle necklace in two colors with the simple use of the machine that my (100% Italian) grandma gave to me for making ravioli. J

Geometric Necklace

The idea was to make the mixed colors looked like a wave in the ocean… A beloved theme for our little family.

The technics is very simple: use two colors and make them as thin as you can. Then put them together with a little overlap of the two sides. Then make some waves on it and put all again in the machine: you will get some unexpected waves on it!

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

Then make two holes on the top for the rope or chain and put it on the oven as you always do with Fimo.

The game is done!

I hope you weekend will be sunny and funny as we’ll have. I feel the Summer still has to start… But it will do.



Stitching a Bib

Here I am!

Back from vacations in the Ocean side of France where the sun was always shining and the food and wine were delicious.

Then we went to the rainy Belgium to visit family and friends and sons of friends, thus new friends!

Traveling makes me inspired and talkative, but very very lazy for crafting. I’ve anyway found a little time to stitch a Bib for a new born little rounded sweet girl, Merel, which in Flemish means blackbird and in Italian it is called Merla. My birthday also happens to be in the “days of the blackbird” that for the Italian tradition means the coldest days of the year, in the end of January. I find this name very interesting. And I like the names with a little story to tell.

I always like the idea to get handmade presents but I am always a bit afraid to make them for others… Maybe because I am afraid they can look too cheap!

2014-08-16 15.11.26

I’ve tried to make the writing a bit irregular just to make it more fresh than a traditional stitched name.

2014-08-16 16.37.40I drew the blackbird as you can see… Also his irregularity gives a childish touch to it, isn’t it?

This is my little creation of the vacation. Hope to have something bigger next week. J

Sun on you.



Logo Design

Hello from London,

this week i want to share some logo design work I have tried recently. First of all, I have to say these are my first logo design attempts ever and I hope all professional graphic designers out there will not laugh too much at my deplorable efforts. logoActually, I work in research and recently, we organize some conferences. For the web pages of these conferences, logos are needed and our team leader thought, we are creative enough to come up with some own ideas.

The first conference is called «International Conference on the use of Computers in Radiation therapy (ICCR)”. The logo should trigger associations like «computer», «programming», «radiotherapy» and «London».
Here you see my brainstorming and my hand drafted idea. The thought was to abstract the power symbol of a computer by London emblems.
My design was not chosen in the end and I can see that the advantage of the winning design was the incorporation of the radiotherapy topic in form of depth dose curves.
The second conference is on 4D treatment planning, so the logo should involve some «motion», a hint to the «location close to London» and ideally again also an evidence on its radiotherapeutic content.



Here you see my first two ideas. For this logo, an animated as well as an static version was required. Again, I struggle to incorporate the link to radiotherapy…

I guess I will scratch my head a bit more next week. Let me know if you have any ideas and stay creative!

Nail Art

Hello from London,

where I spend a wonderful weekend with friends… as you know from the post of Ale, this weekend was my birthday weekend and I am so fortunate that I could spent it in such good company. Friday  evening, we threw a Chinese/German Party and for the first time since I moved here ten month ago, I realy felt home in London, surrounded by old and new friends.

My old friends which came over from Zurich and Boston stayed till Saturday. We allowed our self a lazy start into the day on Saturday, just hanging out and having a big left over brunch… While strolling around bare feed, we noticed the little pieces of art at my Boston friends toes. It turned out she had done them her self. Even though she said she feels a bit embarrassed for it, nobody can deny she is an real nail artist :-)

Our Saturday brunch immediately turned into a nail-art-event and we all got excited creating our individual nail designs. Surprisingly even my boyfriend turned out to be a really talented nail painter :-)
Here you see our colorful forty toes (well in fact there are only 38, because my tiny toes are so tiny that one cannot color them :-)).

NAIL3Thanks Jule, Ye, Sicong and Andy for such a wonderful birthday weekend!

Unintentional Bridge Art

Hello from London!

This week I want to show you some street art that I pass by almost every day on my early morning runs. My route usually followes Thames river and to make it a loop, I usually cross two bridges. My absolute favorite Thames bridge is the Fulham railway bridge, even if it might appear unspectacular on the first view.


On the second view, you will discover a lot of art on this bridge… I think it has been painted and renovated a lot over the years. It looks like each time a little bit different color was used. The general theme is mint, but wow, there are so many mint nuances you can find at this bridge…

Basically every pole of this bridge has its own mint color code.


In the last days I walked a few times over the bridge to take photos. Thereby I found even more art by looking at the details.


Some people might think that it is annoying that the renovations of this bridge have apparently been carry out very careless. But I think some exception piece of “unintentional bridge art” has been created.

Have a nice week and tell us if you also found some “unintentional street art” close to where you live.