Creativity in our lives

Lately we have been in touch with Antje and spoke about how to improve our Blog. Especially how to put more creativity in our lives. Creativity for crafty-Bloggers like us is very important, thus very addicting.

We both like to think that one day the creativity will have a bigger part in our routine and may also help us financially. I am not personally sure that it will be happening. As everything, it feels good since we do it for fun, or sometimes even as a Karma thing. But when it begins to be a business, you also have to take care about other things and creativity can became constricted in some kind of barriers.

For the moment I just hope we will be constant in our works and ideas. That’s already enough for the moment… And whatever we do more, it is obviously happily welcome!

By the way I am going in a couple of days to holidays, yuppy! And also “to prepare for holidays” has been a busy period eheheh… The arrival of the holidays has always something to do with finishing some projects and some duties. And the duties has been a lot in the last weeks… I even missed for the first time to write my post! But I didn’t forget to craft a bit and create some new Fimo beads and shapes and some new summer necklaces and bracelets.

Here I show my last two ones!

Processed with Moldiv Processed with Moldiv


Here a better look to the two pieces, that I did with some Fimo tubes cut in small pieces with a normal knife.


I add an “A” which is the first letter of my name (and the one of Antje indeed!) and added a pendal

with “hand made” written.


And here a small package… which I hope it will arrive safe the latest on the 8th of August to destination…

Happy Birthday Antje!!!

Greetings from Zurich,

See you maximum in 3 weeks.



2 thoughts on “Creativity in our lives

  1. Ahhhhh, can’t wait till your package will arrive :-) Thanks a lot already and a wonderful vacation!!!

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