DIY: An Easy Summer Fimo Necklace

Hallo from Zürich!

I finally made up a necklace with my light pink Fimo! It is a pretty easy summer necklace made from different shapes of irregular beads and some black regular plastic ones that you can find in a hobby shop.

Processed with Moldiv

This is an idea for beginner of Fimo Jewelry, without buying any special tool, just have a look in the kitchen and crafty desk and you will find tools which are really useful for modeling the Fimo.

The only advise I have after some experience and reading about it in internet it is to keep it in a cool place, to work it in a very clean table with very clean hands and to work with it after warming it a bit up with the hands.

Processed with Moldiv

I really like to see the irregular shapes. Also the contrast between the two colors and the two textures give some special easy look to the necklace.

Processed with Moldiv

Once you have the hard beads of Fimo, just create your own design and mix the two colors in an irregular way. I just used 15 black beads at the beginning and end of the necklace in order to give some quality contrast.

For making it, do not forget to use:

– Black plastic beads.

– Screw cups (free of nickel) for the closure.

– Transparent thread.

I doubled the transparent thread and tied it to a screw cup. At the end I simply tied the threads to the other screw cup.
Processed with Moldiv

And here it is: a super easy summer necklace for your sunbath and Apero on the beach!

I hope you like it because it is also easy and fun to make it.

Happy crafty and sporty weekend!




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