My Drawing-Painting Side

Hi from Zürich,

In moments of empty creativity like this very Wednesday, I just can think about faraway creativity lost somewhere in me.

1999 BW

I was a painter first. Or better, I was a drawer first. I then started to paint because I liked colors, but sometimes it looked like I ruined my drawing with my painting, like in this case of the girl with the honey and the dancing dreams.


In 1996 I made my first oil painting, which now is in my old room in my small own town Carrè  in Italy.

I think I like to draw women… like in this painting of 1999.


Lately I did something different. I took inspiration from a picture of an illustrator, Gaelle Lalonde, and I made it with oil colors.

This is the original one from Gaelle Lalonde

Gaelle Lalonde

This is mine

2013I have to admit that I made a big drawing in 2010… And I abandoned it by a corner and I feel a bit ashamed of that.

Now you know my drawing-painting side. It is my very first creative side since I was little.

What do you think? Should I keep painting?




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