Creativity in our lives

Lately we have been in touch with Antje and spoke about how to improve our Blog. Especially how to put more creativity in our lives. Creativity for crafty-Bloggers like us is very important, thus very addicting.

We both like to think that one day the creativity will have a bigger part in our routine and may also help us financially. I am not personally sure that it will be happening. As everything, it feels good since we do it for fun, or sometimes even as a Karma thing. But when it begins to be a business, you also have to take care about other things and creativity can became constricted in some kind of barriers.

For the moment I just hope we will be constant in our works and ideas. That’s already enough for the moment… And whatever we do more, it is obviously happily welcome!

By the way I am going in a couple of days to holidays, yuppy! And also “to prepare for holidays” has been a busy period eheheh… The arrival of the holidays has always something to do with finishing some projects and some duties. And the duties has been a lot in the last weeks… I even missed for the first time to write my post! But I didn’t forget to craft a bit and create some new Fimo beads and shapes and some new summer necklaces and bracelets.

Here I show my last two ones!

Processed with Moldiv Processed with Moldiv


Here a better look to the two pieces, that I did with some Fimo tubes cut in small pieces with a normal knife.


I add an “A” which is the first letter of my name (and the one of Antje indeed!) and added a pendal

with “hand made” written.


And here a small package… which I hope it will arrive safe the latest on the 8th of August to destination…

Happy Birthday Antje!!!

Greetings from Zurich,

See you maximum in 3 weeks.




Hello from sunny London,

where everybody is either leaving to, or returning from vacation. Since I already had a long vacation in February this year, I am stuck in the city. To anyhow have some beach feeling, I used some shells for my crafty project this week. But lets start from the beginning…

I told you I had some left overs from my scarf sewing last week. I did cut away the two fringe ends of the white scarf and when I was almost about to throw them away, I thought they must be useful for something…
I think it is fun to start of with a collection of materials and then just experiment what is the best way to combine them. I really like beads, but on their own, they often look to kitschy to me. I like the combination with the shells.
The result of my vacation-inspired material collection is a dream-catcher-top. When walking around with it, the shells bounce against each other an make the illusion of a near by beach perfect.top_3
Happy vacation!

Scarf Number Two


Hi from London,

where I crafted scarf number two, as promised last week.
This time I used some left over material, in fact some old pyjama trousers out of very soft cotton, some dark blue fabric and an old white scarf.

post_scarf_1I really enjoy combining old fabrics that would have been thrown away otherwise and match them in a way that looks harmonic.
post_scarf_2Combining the three fabrics I ended up with a really solid scarf that will surely keep me warm next winter.
post_scarf_3While sewing this scarf I actually ended up with some new left overs, but more of that next week.

Meanwhile enjoy summer!

DIY: An Easy Summer Fimo Necklace

Hallo from Zürich!

I finally made up a necklace with my light pink Fimo! It is a pretty easy summer necklace made from different shapes of irregular beads and some black regular plastic ones that you can find in a hobby shop.

Processed with Moldiv

This is an idea for beginner of Fimo Jewelry, without buying any special tool, just have a look in the kitchen and crafty desk and you will find tools which are really useful for modeling the Fimo.

The only advise I have after some experience and reading about it in internet it is to keep it in a cool place, to work it in a very clean table with very clean hands and to work with it after warming it a bit up with the hands.

Processed with Moldiv

I really like to see the irregular shapes. Also the contrast between the two colors and the two textures give some special easy look to the necklace.

Processed with Moldiv

Once you have the hard beads of Fimo, just create your own design and mix the two colors in an irregular way. I just used 15 black beads at the beginning and end of the necklace in order to give some quality contrast.

For making it, do not forget to use:

– Black plastic beads.

– Screw cups (free of nickel) for the closure.

– Transparent thread.

I doubled the transparent thread and tied it to a screw cup. At the end I simply tied the threads to the other screw cup.
Processed with Moldiv

And here it is: a super easy summer necklace for your sunbath and Apero on the beach!

I hope you like it because it is also easy and fun to make it.

Happy crafty and sporty weekend!



Swiss Antique Crafts at Ballenberg Openair Museum

Hi from Switzerland!

Did you hear about Ballenberg open air museum? I wouldn’t bother you with a very perfect ordinary museum… This is really great stuff and need a visit if you pass by!

And here we went with a couple of great Australian guests in an annoying rainy day of Swiss summer when you just don’t have a lot of things to do except assaulting the shops full of sales.

And it is just an hour and half from Zurich! And what an experience! Especially after a long cosy dinner with fondue with a glass too much… ;-)

Processed with Moldiv
It is an open air museum. That means that it is big as a village and have a lot of different antique houses from Switzerland, well distributed in the different regions like the Swiss cantons.

Processed with Moldiv

Every house is maintained as it has always been inhabited and you can then find cloths hanged outside, farm animals going around, big plants and vegetable gardens. And if you go inside, you have a bunch of surprises. You can see the interiors as well as some kind of expositions of crafty materials and tools, old costumes and musical instruments.

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

And that is only a little taste of the amazing Ballenberg museum!

Have a look here to see all the craft activities they make…

Happy crafting!





Colorful Scarf

Hello from London,

Where I was in the mood for some color this weekend :-)
At crafty markets I often see these beautiful, unique scarfs. Thus, this weekend I tried to do one myself. As materials I used two old scarfs, which I rarely used because they felt a bit thin on their own, some wool and some wooden beats.
First I cut the two scarfs to the same size and sewed them scarfs together. That itself looked already nice and I was not sure if I should go for further embellishments.
I decided for some boarder crochets and some beats at each corner.
I really like how the colors mix up when you wear it. I think I will try for an other one next weekend with a different  color combination.

Have a colorful week!

My Drawing-Painting Side

Hi from Zürich,

In moments of empty creativity like this very Wednesday, I just can think about faraway creativity lost somewhere in me.

1999 BW

I was a painter first. Or better, I was a drawer first. I then started to paint because I liked colors, but sometimes it looked like I ruined my drawing with my painting, like in this case of the girl with the honey and the dancing dreams.


In 1996 I made my first oil painting, which now is in my old room in my small own town Carrè  in Italy.

I think I like to draw women… like in this painting of 1999.


Lately I did something different. I took inspiration from a picture of an illustrator, Gaelle Lalonde, and I made it with oil colors.

This is the original one from Gaelle Lalonde

Gaelle Lalonde

This is mine

2013I have to admit that I made a big drawing in 2010… And I abandoned it by a corner and I feel a bit ashamed of that.

Now you know my drawing-painting side. It is my very first creative side since I was little.

What do you think? Should I keep painting?