Mundial Fever!! and a Tank for one little Fan

Hi from Zürich,

In these days it isn’t easy to avoid the fans all over Zürich: mostly German fans, Basilian and Portuguese fans, Spanish fans, some Italian fans and several Latin American fans.

I have my Italian flag hanged in the balcony. :-) I know it is quite obvious and a little ridiculous to be patriotic once every 4 years, but I can’t help feeling “Mundial” fever!

Actually at home, since we are a Belgian-Italian family living in Switzerland, we also cheer up the Belgian team and we are of course happy for the Swiss one.

What I sadly noticed in the children second hand shops – here called Kinderbörse – or the sport shops in general, is that they offer a huge quantity of different flag t-shirts but they always miss Belgium!

Then my little boy had an italian baby-body but nothing from Belgium.

And yesterday against any prevision – at least, mine – Belgium won!


So I couldn’t resist to make a tank for my boy to wear for next match on Sunday.


And here it is how I made a tank from a bunch of leftover of cloths. I even used a sock of my husband for the black part of the Belgian flag.


I needed to make a yellow rectangle as well and I used some fabric color.


So let’s see if Belgium wins again… and if there is a chance to see Italy against Belgium, I don’t know what could happen… hihihihi…

To be continued.



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