MANOR Ethical Fashion

Hi from Zürich,

Who is in der Schweiz cannot miss MANOR, a big chain of stores all around Switzerland which offers a wide range of products divided by departments. But it’s not about Manor that I want to post, it is about an ETHICAL FASHION INITIATIVE which produces astonishing accessories sold in Manor.

manor 2

I am always curious when a big firm collaborates with hand-workers, especially when these people are African and Haiti women and these women are local artisans who give to the fashion an ethnical touch, far from a commercial haut couture approach.

manor 3 manor 4manor 9

Look at the ITC (International Trade Center) collaboration with Manor to understand more. Here some other pictures from the ITC products.

manor 1

manor 5

manor 7

Since 2011 MANOR has been doing this ethical fashion collaboration, but I am pretty amazed from the colors and the fabrics of this new collection 2014, look at it to realize it! here some pieces that you can buy on the Manor website.

manor bag 2manor wow bag

Here a video as well!

They work as well with Stella McCartney, Karen Walker and Vivianne Westwood just to mention three of the designers that I like. It is awesome to see this kind of things also in the high fashion industry!

Hope it gives you the same inspiration it gave to me.

Happy crafting,





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