DIY: A Paper Origami Bow Hairpin

2014-06-05 08.27.50

Hi fromn Zürich!

Sorry for my long absence but the last weeks have been busy and with some family visits due to the Birthday of the little earth-dweller ;-) . One of those is that it really seems that I am starting a phD about children acquisition of languages. And it was one of my dreams that comes true… So I am quiet happy for that!

Than the children inspirations are on the air…even here! And I made lately more than one thing for little children but today I’ll start with one for my 3 year old nephew Bianca: a Paper Bow Hairpin.

2014-06-05 08.30.43The hard part is not to make the hairpin, which was in fact very fast and easy, made with a rope or eventually with some glue.

2014-06-05 08.30.55The hard part was in fact the paper origami bow, which I have found the instruction in one of my Crafty magazines of last year.

2014-06-08 08.43.25It is more difficult if explained in pictures, than I have decided to give you a video link. Here a youtube video that explains very well how to make a paper origami bow!

And voilà!

Keep the sun with you,

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