FIMO Jewelry Ideas: Petit Plat by Stéphanie Kilgast

Hi from Vicenza (Italy)!

I am here at my parents house for some days and without crafty equipment I was not sure what to write this week about. But I’ve got some FIMO in 3 colors from a Hobby shop in Zürich and I am now gathering some ideas for fimo jewelry.

And there I found the amazing jewelry of Petit Plat by Stéphanie Kilgast!


She is especially famous for tiny foodstuff jewelry


but I especially prefer this following ones:



It is a way to complicate for a beginner like me, but I’d like to get some inspiration and proceed soon with some fimo jewelry.

Yes, why not the Christmas market in the Central Station of Zürich for exemple? J

Happy crafty week!





Some More DIY Jewelry

Hello from London!

Inspired from Ale’s last post, I also tried to make some jewelry this weekend. I wanted to use some left over materials and combine different techniques like crochet, embroidery and sewing.

I am pretty much pleases with the result. I think it looks very summer like.

Also I think it is very easy and as soon as I started I had many ideas for different pattern and design. I am thinking of making some more and then maybe sell them at a Christmas-market-booth at the end of the year.

What do you think Ale, should we plan a Christmas market appearance of zurichlondoncraftyexploration for December?

DIY Ethnic Necklaces

Hi from Zürich,

Lately I was a bit tired to X-stiching, but I really enjoyed working with the colors of the threads. Suddenly, surfing through pinterest, I’ve discovered a very new technic!

Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 11.35.32 PM

I’ve found out that some necklaces can also be made from ropes and threads and an other left materials used with some creativity. And they look pretty awesome!

I made them with those materials.

– Some ropes

– Different colors of threads for X-stitching

– Some pom pom

– A needle and a scissor

– Jewelry catch (some lockers)


It is easy, you just have to roll the thread until the rope is covered.

Screen shot 2014-06-24 at 11.58.14 PM

Here is the first one I have made. It is fast and fun! The colors are really summer like. I think I will try to make some bracelets now.



Have a colorful week!



Jacket Transformation

Hello from London,

Yesterday, we had a very sunny day here and I could sit in our garden and finish a crafty project I started a while ago.

My mother gave me a jacket that did not fit her. Also for me it was a bit large and it had a bit a boring and conservative look. But with some fantasy I had the feeling it could transform into something special…

I now call it my cherry-summer-jacket and I even look forward to the next chilly day.


Have a good week and enjoy some cherries while they are still in season!!!

Mundial Fever!! and a Tank for one little Fan

Hi from Zürich,

In these days it isn’t easy to avoid the fans all over Zürich: mostly German fans, Basilian and Portuguese fans, Spanish fans, some Italian fans and several Latin American fans.

I have my Italian flag hanged in the balcony. :-) I know it is quite obvious and a little ridiculous to be patriotic once every 4 years, but I can’t help feeling “Mundial” fever!

Actually at home, since we are a Belgian-Italian family living in Switzerland, we also cheer up the Belgian team and we are of course happy for the Swiss one.

What I sadly noticed in the children second hand shops – here called Kinderbörse – or the sport shops in general, is that they offer a huge quantity of different flag t-shirts but they always miss Belgium!

Then my little boy had an italian baby-body but nothing from Belgium.

And yesterday against any prevision – at least, mine – Belgium won!


So I couldn’t resist to make a tank for my boy to wear for next match on Sunday.


And here it is how I made a tank from a bunch of leftover of cloths. I even used a sock of my husband for the black part of the Belgian flag.


I needed to make a yellow rectangle as well and I used some fabric color.


So let’s see if Belgium wins again… and if there is a chance to see Italy against Belgium, I don’t know what could happen… hihihihi…

To be continued.



Hello from London,

This week I want to show you some results of a new hobby of mine, pottery. Well, actually it is not a completely new hobby. I also made pottery when I was a child, but almost had forgotten about all the different techniques.

In an evening course at the clapham pottery (…
I recapitulated all about «thumb-bowls», «coiling» and the «slab technique» and made an example piece for each of them.

pottery_2pottery_3pottery_4In the end, I combined all the techniques in my master piece.


Not sure for what I will use it, maybe to organise all my buttons of different color and size. I am excited how the four pieces will look like after glazing. I will keep you posted!

After long days at my desk it really feels good to have creative evenings and produce something with my own hand.

Have a nice weekend!

MANOR Ethical Fashion

Hi from Zürich,

Who is in der Schweiz cannot miss MANOR, a big chain of stores all around Switzerland which offers a wide range of products divided by departments. But it’s not about Manor that I want to post, it is about an ETHICAL FASHION INITIATIVE which produces astonishing accessories sold in Manor.

manor 2

I am always curious when a big firm collaborates with hand-workers, especially when these people are African and Haiti women and these women are local artisans who give to the fashion an ethnical touch, far from a commercial haut couture approach.

manor 3 manor 4manor 9

Look at the ITC (International Trade Center) collaboration with Manor to understand more. Here some other pictures from the ITC products.

manor 1

manor 5

manor 7

Since 2011 MANOR has been doing this ethical fashion collaboration, but I am pretty amazed from the colors and the fabrics of this new collection 2014, look at it to realize it! here some pieces that you can buy on the Manor website.

manor bag 2manor wow bag

Here a video as well!

They work as well with Stella McCartney, Karen Walker and Vivianne Westwood just to mention three of the designers that I like. It is awesome to see this kind of things also in the high fashion industry!

Hope it gives you the same inspiration it gave to me.

Happy crafting,