Discovering the crafty side of my friends: Kinga from Zurich

Hi from London,

this week with an interview with one of my crafty friends from Zurich, Kinga.


Maybe as background for those who read this blog, neither know Ale nor me and wonder, what this Zurich-London thing is all about… Well, I also lived in Zurich until not too long ago and my crafty side somehow unfolded when I met Ale. When I moved to London, Ale and me thought, a blog would be a good idea to keep the mutual crafty inspiration alive and motivate each for crafty projects. Thus, even being located in London now, parts of my crafty heart still beat in Zurich.

But back to Kinga! I know her since a while, we worked together and became friend over the last years. But only recently, I discovered her crafty side, when she shared the following picture of a wall she decorated in her new flat with me.


I was really impressed and asked her if I could post her artwork on this blog. In the following you can read I little interview I did with her:

 Kinga, what is your favorite crafty technique?

My grandmother was great in knitting and tatting, I always admired effects she could achieve. However, these were so time consuming and I currently enjoy myself with simple crafting techniques. For me best projects include just paper, glue or paint :-)

And where do you get your inspiration from?

Sometimes I like to browse through house decor or crafty blogs. My favorite are: and Although I find these inspiring, for me it starts from a need i.e. broken lamp, home decoration…


Would you say that all your projects have a common style or do you like to try different things?

It is difficult to say, but I think my projects can be though of as urban and modern.

Thanks Kinga for sharing. I am really curious about your future projects.

Keep us posted!!!


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