Topping Things Off

This week was all about bringing things to an end… First of all, I accomplished the Windermere marathon for which I was training since the beginning of the year. Here you see me cooling off my legs in the lake.

It was sooo beautiful to run around the Windermere lake, but now I am soooo happy that is done :-)

This week was also about traveling (to Switzerland once again and to the north of Britain). Thus, I used the time on the train, the plane, at the airport and the station to finish a book that was accompanying me since almost 6 month (John Irvine: In one person) and I finished two crafty projects, which you know from earlier posts.

I was hard working crocheting to finish the second oven cloth from the post of the 21st of April.

And I finished the hand knitting project from the post of the 16th of march. It resulted in a nice cap.

Now my fingers and legs hurt and I am looking forward to a deep sleep. And even more I am looking forward to wake up again tomorrow morning, full of energy for new crafty projects :-)


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