At Home with Antje!

Hi! I am just back from London, where I was X-stitching under the Big Ben (and yes, the “g” is missing for whom doesn’t already know it!).


The crowded and eclectic city of London has a lot of corners to discover and a big amount of crafty magazines and books which made me really astonished and a bit lost… I didn’t manage to decide which book for sewing to buy! Ok, next time… ;-)


But the most interesting corner was Antje’s apartment: a tiny flat of a three floors building with backyard and plants in perfect London style. Vintage pots, mugs and a traditional colander.


A wide assortment of vegetables inside and outside…where the cats and squirrels are easily passing by…


A big pencil made modern still life and a designer vintage seat.


Books and musics and all the memories of the travels.


In perfect scientist style, a blackboard in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. Oh Antje! we liked so much this crafty-nerds association! ;-P


And I couldn’t miss to read at night the collections of crafty books.


While we were packing to go the airport, we couldn’t smile at the thinking of the nice weekend in the crowded busy r’n’r city of London: the night walk by the Thames, the Sunday visit at the old spitalfields market , the japanese delicatessen, the Apéro at the canal, the hamburger and friendship, the little rain, the running, the brunches and the way back.

I think, to be tired of London is very easy (like the book of Tom Jones says). But when you are back to the silent tram of Zurich and you watch at the tidy streets and people, you know that life comes always along with some mess and mess is regenerating afterwords.


We wait you in Zurich Antje,

Keep crafting.




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