Jip and Janneke X-Stitch

Hi from Zurich,

It has been one and a half month but I finally finished my X-Stitch project made from a drawing of a famous Dutch cartoons: Jip and Janneke from Fiep Westendorp.

ImageI am in love with this cartoons because they have an original style, squared shapes and funny drawing. I chose the fight scene of Jip and Janneke because I liked the position and the colored carpet was funny to use for different kind of stitches. I took it from a kid book that I have found in Hema, a chain from Belgium which offers a big quantity of Jip and Janneke gadgets, where, I must confess, I always go there every time I go to Belgium…My house is full of Jip en Janneke stuff. :-)


I know have a second Jip and  Janneke stitching to start… which it is more “Zurich style”… I hope by the first birthday of my boy to finish also this one and frame them to hung on the wall of his little room.

Happy crafting,



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