Spring Deco

Hello from London!

This week with a little DIY-tutorial for a simple spring deco. You need a praline wrapping, four eggs, four teaspoons of soil and some pepper grass seeds.

Cook the eggs and preserve the egg shells as good as possible when you eat the eggs. Afterwards, place one tea spoon of soil, one tea spoon of pepper grass seeds and some drops of water in each shell and place them at a bright and warm place.

Pepper grass seeds grow very fast, thus after one week you will see the first green and after two weeks you will have little egg-shell-heads with green-pepper-grass-hair :-) Place them in the praline wrapping together with some flowers and ready is your spring deco.

I had my parents over for the weekend and my little deco was the perfect finish for our brunch table this morning.
Have a good start into the week and lets hope for more spring to come!!!


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