Easter Oven Cloth

Hello from London and Happy Belated Easter!
I used the little break to finish my first oven cloth. I guess most of you have done one some when during school. I am not sure anymore if I have done one before, for sure I forgot what a nice way it is to use wool leftovers.
I followed the easiest pattern I could find. I started with making 12 chain stitches and joined them with a slip stitch. Then I make about 25 single crochets until I got to the beginning of the circle again.Then I started with 5 simple crochets, 3 chain stitches, 5 simple crochets and 1 chain stitch at the end. Then turn the whole piece and repeat. Always add 3 chain stitches in the middle and one at the end. This way the whole piece always keeps a square shape and you can go on until the oven cloth has the size you want. At the end you can decorate the border with another two lines of crochets.
My first one is done, the second still needs some work. I guess I have to do a few more until they get more tidy and regular :-) Luckily, I commute to work every day and love to crochet on the train. What a luxury to fit in some some creative moments every day!!!
Never miss a chance to add some creativity to your life :-)
P.S.: The bunny above was made by my aunt. To make him a brother or a sister will be the Easter project for next year :-)

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