Jip and Janneke X-Stitch

Hi from Zurich,

It has been one and a half month but I finally finished my X-Stitch project made from a drawing of a famous Dutch cartoons: Jip and Janneke from Fiep Westendorp.

ImageI am in love with this cartoons because they have an original style, squared shapes and funny drawing. I chose the fight scene of Jip and Janneke because I liked the position and the colored carpet was funny to use for different kind of stitches. I took it from a kid book that I have found in Hema, a chain from Belgium which offers a big quantity of Jip and Janneke gadgets, where, I must confess, I always go there every time I go to Belgium…My house is full of Jip en Janneke stuff. :-)


I know have a second Jip and  Janneke stitching to start… which it is more “Zurich style”… I hope by the first birthday of my boy to finish also this one and frame them to hung on the wall of his little room.

Happy crafting,



Spring Deco

Hello from London!

This week with a little DIY-tutorial for a simple spring deco. You need a praline wrapping, four eggs, four teaspoons of soil and some pepper grass seeds.

Cook the eggs and preserve the egg shells as good as possible when you eat the eggs. Afterwards, place one tea spoon of soil, one tea spoon of pepper grass seeds and some drops of water in each shell and place them at a bright and warm place.

Pepper grass seeds grow very fast, thus after one week you will see the first green and after two weeks you will have little egg-shell-heads with green-pepper-grass-hair :-) Place them in the praline wrapping together with some flowers and ready is your spring deco.

I had my parents over for the weekend and my little deco was the perfect finish for our brunch table this morning.
Have a good start into the week and lets hope for more spring to come!!!

CLOUD Part 2: a Nursery Smiling Felted Cloud

Hi from Zürich,

…But just back from Italy. I had an inspiration during the rainy Easter Monday: a felted cloud for the nursery of my cousin who is expecting a baby boy for June!


It has a nice effect and it is very light and checked out with my boy who is 11 months old who was laughing at it!

Here is the process of my work, who lasted a couple of hours… But I think it could be shorter if I make it again!

nuvola nursery

And here my cousin, who was very happy because she told me the day before that she was looking for something to put on the top of the nursery… I really enjoyed making it!



I hope that also the boy will like it… ;-)

Happy crafting,


Easter Oven Cloth

Hello from London and Happy Belated Easter!
I used the little break to finish my first oven cloth. I guess most of you have done one some when during school. I am not sure anymore if I have done one before, for sure I forgot what a nice way it is to use wool leftovers.
I followed the easiest pattern I could find. I started with making 12 chain stitches and joined them with a slip stitch. Then I make about 25 single crochets until I got to the beginning of the circle again.Then I started with 5 simple crochets, 3 chain stitches, 5 simple crochets and 1 chain stitch at the end. Then turn the whole piece and repeat. Always add 3 chain stitches in the middle and one at the end. This way the whole piece always keeps a square shape and you can go on until the oven cloth has the size you want. At the end you can decorate the border with another two lines of crochets.
My first one is done, the second still needs some work. I guess I have to do a few more until they get more tidy and regular :-) Luckily, I commute to work every day and love to crochet on the train. What a luxury to fit in some some creative moments every day!!!
Never miss a chance to add some creativity to your life :-)
P.S.: The bunny above was made by my aunt. To make him a brother or a sister will be the Easter project for next year :-)

CLOUDS Part 1: a DIY Sponge

Hi from Zurich!

While we are approaching Easter some clouds are coming to Zurich…It is even supposed to snow…brrr….let’s forget about that… Even in Norway the weather will be sunny and warm!

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 12.35.13 PM

And with the head on the cloud, I had my inspiration of the week. I dyed some fabrics, I made some samples to use as stencil, I sewed a pair of pants,…

But let’s start with the clouds sponge, my idea for an easy DIY.

It is easy, you need a sponge for dishwashing (medium or large), a pair of good sharp scissors and a sample of those that I can give it to you right in this pdf: Ale sponge shape patterns. I made different samples to use as a shape for my sponge, so you can find a Heart, a Cloud and a Easter Bunny as well! J

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 12.12.51 PM

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 12.18.07 PM

Let’s see next week for the next CLOUDS inspired project,

and more sewing stuff.

Have a happy Choco-like Easter!


Crafty Fox Market in Peckham

Hello from London,
where the weather was worse than promised and I had to abandon my original plan to spent the day in the garden. Instead, I explored the Crafty Fox Market in Peckham (http://www.timeout.com/london/shopping/crafty-fox-market-peckham).

At the friendly family-run fair for emerging designers and crafters one could shop from 45 stalls and participate in workshops for making totes, experimenting with prints, try some sewing or learn how to make earrings using scrap fabric.

My boyfriends favorites where these little geometrical pins :-)

The market will still be on tomorrow and will resume next weekend in Brixton. It is just the kick-off for a series of similar markets tat will take place through out the summer. Thus, crafty people in London don’t miss the chance!

DIY – Recycling Idea : from a Yogurt Box to a Flowerpot

Hi from Zurich,

I have to admit that today is raining cats and dogs but during the last weeks the weather in Switzerland has been amazing!

That’s why I had an idea: to recycle a big box of Zurich made yogurt.

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 1.42.00 PM

photo 2



Here is all you need:

– A yogurt box with a handle

– A washi tape

– A stencil (you can also make it out of paper)

– A white wire

– A paintbrush

– An indelible black marker.

– A little vase with flowers, of course!

The process is quite simple: Roll on the yogurt box with washi tape and then use a stencil to make the image you prefer. I chose the fox but you can make whatever you like. Take a meter of white wire and fold it in two, make two knots on both sides of the handle and than put a plant on it.

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 1.54.09 PM

I liked this project because it is easy and fun and you can also recycle a very practical box of yogurt. I hope there is one like that even in London… isn’t there?

photo 14

Keep on crafting,