Knitting on the Way

Hello everybody,
This week I was traveling a lot, thus it was not easy to fit in some handcrafting…


However, I always have my knitting stuff with me, thus I thought I give you a short tutorial on hand knitting …


In short: 1. start with one loop, 2. do a line of loops, 3. make a circle out of the line of loops, 4. overlay the last and the first loop, 5. connect them with a loop, 6. start with the second line of loops always connected to one of the previous ones, 7. go round, and round, and round again… It is really easy and fast, just try!!!


You end up with a knitted tunnel. Depending on how big or small you make your loops the tunnel be tighter or broader. Once you have a reasonable long knitted tunnel you can make a hat out of it or a scarf or a skirt, or what ever you can think of… Not sure what my brown-red tunnel will end up as. I will keep you posted on that :-)
Happy knitting!


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