Shopping Bag With Paperboats

Hi from Zürich!

This is my first public sewing handwork for our website. I am a bit nervous because I wanted my first one to be special and nice. In order to avoid risks…I did something simple, both in the design and in the graphic, I made a shopping bag!


I designed and sewed the very yesterday! I really liked the Idea to draw some paperboats. In the beginning I wanted to print them as in a professional fabric. But it is something dedicated to a family friend so I just opted for a personal design with a quote.

shoppi3shopping bag

I didn’t have time to wash it, but I hope you will appreciate the fact that I show it right after making it. The quote is from the great philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre and it took my attention as soon as I saw it in the google quotes.

Hope to have given some inspiration… happy sun day!

keep creative,



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