Inspired by Nature: Mimosa

Hello everybody,

Today was the first day of spring in London!!! Together with my boyfriend, we cleaned up our little yard, sowed a lot of flowers and vegetables and even had lunch outside in the sun. How nice to spent the whole day outside!

Already during my runs in the last weeks I could feel that spring was just hiding around the corner. I could see the first trees blooming and mad an amazing discovery: London is full of mimosa trees!

I always associated these trees with Italy or south France and was delighted to find them here in my neighborhood. Every morning when I run they make me smile and give me a little vacation feeling. And they inspired me to my latest handcraft piece… I made a little embroidery according a picture of a little mimosa branch I brought from one of my runs.


In the Internet you can find different pages that translate photos into stitching-patterns ( I personally like this one best: It allows you to also choose the resolution and the number of colors you want to use. It is really easy and fun. I am already looking forward to get inspired for my next embroidery by the flowers we just sowed today.

Happy stitching!


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