God Saves the Crafty!

Hi from Zürich!

…Obviously with a bit of irony, but even sadness. :(  It would be cool if our blog post could contribute to keep up the publication of Crafty magazine for a little while more. But moreover that this Blog London-Zurich-based could help the Crafty world to have a bit more space in the business and media sector. Such a hard challenge for a so tiny market, I know… but still, so innovative and creative that it may be a shame to miss.


I’m a customer of the UK-based CRAFTY Magazine from last summer (It was my own birth present after the born of my first child eh eh) and I’ve enjoyed every issue, even I let it packed for weeks before opening it because for me was a kind of ritual to open it and read it and I wanted to do only when my mind was free and had some time for creating. Some days ago I’ve sadly received this letter:

Crafty Magazine

Crafty Magazine

I was a bit sad because I simply love it! The reasons why I like it so much it is because I really feel that in the Swiss media market is missing something like that and while I travel, I see that also other countries miss a such modern and fresh magazine for crafting. i.e. for sewing, crocheting, knitting, printing and so on. Normally the kiosks have barely something for crafty and if there is, it is something really obsolete, either or for children or for grandma.

crafty last issue 11

I’ll then spend some time to show you why CRAFTY was nice and innovative.

All the package came always with a present: once was a crochet kit fir a crochet granny with three ways to make it; once was a kit for a coaster with felt and cork of different colors; once was a papers mix coming from fabric artists; this time is a kit of stencil for printing which I am gonna use it pretty soon for adding some personality to some clutches or totes.

It is a magazine full of projects, easy but also difficult (at least for me) like this one, but always explained in detail.

In this issue my favorite project is this very simple but cute that I’d like to make, some fun dinner placemats with the shape of a cloud: love it!

crafty big project


crafty favourite

In every issue there is always the explanation of the present package and the different ways to use it. I find it cool that you can have this very practical thing to do every time!

crafty stencil

And for London people, last but not least, the calendar of the crafty events of the months is always included! Here attached the last one… for this March 2014.

crafty save the date

Not to mention that CRAFTY is so full of great pictures and a fresh design that give you the will to read it at the first sign! And it also includes contexts (a pity that they are only for UK-residents by the way) and interviews of great artists. I think I am already missing it.

If you want to buy some of the issues that have been published in 2013-2014 please go to ebay.com !

The publication company proposed to substitute it with “Simply Homemade”. I don’t have great expectations. But let’s keep positive.




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